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Tips for your First Steps on these Web Pages

Help for new Visitors and Internet Beginners

  1. Change Language: mouse click on the flag icon from English to German and vice versa
  2. Navigation: by use of the menu bar at the left of every page. You can page up and page down everywhere - use "« prev" and "next »" above/below the web page
  3. to avoid mistakes no other texts but hyperlinks are underlined. Hyperlinks to external pages are boldfaced and underlined and will ever open the content in a separate window of your web browser for easy recognition: this should make clear: You have left my website - the following website is not my responsibility!
  4. jump back to the last page with the navigation bar (arrow) of your browser
  5. jump to start of a page: on each side below the text there is "top" to mouse click
  6. go back quickly? Mouse click on "top" below the current page or click on the menu "Home" to jump from everywhere straight to the Homepage - or click on the website title
  7. read web pages on a smartphone? Yes! This website has responsive design.
  8. read long texts more comfortable - modern browsers offer the Reader View for clutter-free web pages
  9. Email addresses are protected against email harvesters - please activate Javascript
    If you are using the Web Browser Plug-In NoScript: check " allowed"
  10. search function: use the search field under the menu left: key in your search string, then "Enter" or "OK" or "Send" or whatever you have on your device or mouse click on the button "Search" (unfortunately not on your Mobile Phone - sorry!).
    Attention: the Search finds results in the selected language only! To find German-language pages please change to German first (see 1.).

Thank you very much for reading!

Date Format on this Website

This website is mainly German therefore it uses uniformly the German date format DD.MM.YYYY corresponding to the British notation.

Scale up/down the Font

Change the font size easy with this keystroke combination:

[Strg] and [+] to scale up, [Strg] and [-] to scale down.
[Strg] and [0] resets to original layout.

It works with all actual versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Internet Explorer, maybe with other browsers, too.


Not only the font, but all other page elements will be scaled. So the entire layout will stay coherent.