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Can not imagine Life without Music

Even as a child, I constantly listened to music. The radio ran almost all day.
As a teenager I took my favorite music from the radio on tape and from the first self-earned money I bought – no, no stereo, but … the SLR camera Minolta XD7.

But immediately afterwards, a stereo was actually a dream realized. smiley

Shortly after the compact disc was launched, I bought one of the first CD players: Dual CD 120 (based on the Hitachi DA-1000).
The Compact Discs were still extremely expensive after the market launch. As a normal earner, I had to think carefully about which CD I would buy and which I might order later. Fortunately, there were already samplers, i.e. collections of various artists. Since some of them had only a handful of hits anyway, I chose the CDs in record stores in the sampler section in such a way that I could get as many titles as possible by skilful selection of the samplers.
So I could afford the music of many favourite artists despite the salted CD prices without having to do without many favourite titles.
Bit by bit my CD collection grew.

Amazing: even with occasional blind purchases (selection by cover, special offers from grab boxes) I never caught CDs with music I wouldn't have liked.

List of my favorite CDs and favorite Hits

Since 12.11.2005 I had catalogued my CD collection and also listed all my favourite CDs and hits.
Unfortunately I can't get the data of the old homepage (ran under this domain years ago) at the moment, otherwise I would have added this data right now.
But either I still find a way to pull these lists from an old backup or these old web pages have been archived by accident by the WayBackMachine and I find them there again.

Addendum 11.11.2016: Unfortunately the WayBackMachine didn't scan my CD lists at that time, but at least my list of favourite hits. I will add this list sometime.
Addendum 11.01.2021: I will tackle the issue again this week …

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