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Reading – my favorite Hobby

How I learned to read. German comics made me curious about their lyrics. Really!

It makes everyday life a lot easier if you like to read and therefore does not have to force to read a manual. If, besides television, good books are used as an information and entertainment medium, one remains mentally more active than without.

It started with a Learning Game and Comics

At the beginning – with almost five years – I did not want to learn Reading. In that age understandable, most children have no interest to read.
My parents had bought me a «Bussi Bär Reading-learning card game» (similar to «Memory», but with words instead of symbols or pictures). But instead of learning the words, I just compared the unknown «characters» (letters or words) on the cards. The game was not bad, but at beginning it was not so motivating. Many weeks later I unpacked it again and played as it was thought by the inventor. Since I could already read something and assigning the cards went much easier.

Comics had motivated me very much to learn Reading

These were the boom years of Bussi Bär, Fix & Foxi and – of course Mickey Mouse.
Zack! was also an excellent comic booklet, which I got regularly from my dad. Because I wanted to understand the stories, I learned to read very quickly despite the initial reading inertia. It was a very weird feeling in school as a freshman: I was the only one who could read fluently while the classmates stammered and stammered, even with single letters.
I was not a genius, but by chance the only first grader who had learned to read much earlier than his peers and even some older ones

Comics are the Turbo to learn Reading

Comis are not really bad, dangerous for children, but learning to read is extremely helpful because the curiosity is aroused.
A children's book is not wrong, as there are very beautiful of very talented writers, even famous pop musicians with corresponding gifts have already written valuable children's books. But the fast learning success for a child is most likely when studying a not too long comic strip.
Once the interest is awakened, the child also gladly takes a suitable pocket book. Voluntary. wink

If I have woken your desire to read a good book, please take a look at my other site …

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