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Hobby: Computer

The following computers I have used averaging a year until I had sold them private:

Then it continues …

Self-built PC (w/ SCSI) Pentium 100 MHz, 64 MB RAM, several SCSI Hard Disks, SCSI CD-ROM, CD-Writer by Yamaha.

Apple Macintosh IIsi (rejection from a bank; got it nearly costless)

16.04.1998: SNI Xpert 5401 (PII-233 MHz, 2x 8,4 GB, Win98SE, not enough RAM: 32 MB only).
Freecom Traveller – external USB CD-Writer.

Nov./Dez. 1999: Apple iBook G3 (Clamshell) in the colour tangerine (orange). Exact purchase date not known anymore.

30.07.2001: 512 Megabyte RAM for the SNI Xpert 5401. Standard SDRAM for 133 MHz FSB runs also in this old PC with 66 MHz FSB (FSB = Front Side Bus). surprisesmiley

Fujitsu ErgoPro e452/233 together with 17” Monitor (rejection of my employer).
Have upgraded it instantly with 64 MB RAM, CD-ROM Drive, USB Card, alternate frame for system hard disk useful for trying other operating systems).

Notebook Sony VAIO PCG-SR31K. end-of-range model by retailer Saturn (saved 400 EUR).
Details: Mobile Intel Pentium III Low-Voltage CPU with 750 MHz Intel SpeedStep-Technology,
128 MB SDRAM Mikro DIMM, 15 GB Hard Drive, 10,4” p-Si TFT Display, 16-time CD-ROM Drive,
Jog Dial, Bluetooth, 56 kBit/s Modem, Audio/Video Convergence, properly for digital photography via i.LINK connection to Sony Digital Videocamcorders DVgate / MovieShaker. i.LINK port (IEEE1394), 1.36 kg only, 32.1 mm high.

18.05.2020: Apple MacBook Air i5 1,1/16/1 TB

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